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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bomb Blast in Mumbai's Terror Attacks

Wow life is fragile! I was only in Mumbai at the same location talking about how beautiful the Taj Mahal Hotel is and look what happened exactly one week later. More than 100 dead and hostages are still in the hotel. Man, I can't imagine if I was there one week later.

More news here.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Trip to the Land of Spice

Welcomed by a smorgasboard of spices and a culinary of delights, I stepped into the land of the many spices seeing for my own eyes how the country is. The word 'chaos' must have been invented here as roads wind in no particular order and people drive with no manners. If one was to complain about the traffic situation in Singapore, they will be devastated to learn on how often they would have cursed if they drove in India. Using the horn as frequently as the accelerator, the drivers whizzed past one another, missing pedestrians by just a few centimetres, driving as though there is no tomorrow.

If one is to feel pitiful to see a beggar by the streets in the land of Singapore, you will have to multiply that symphaty a thousand million fold as beggars are a constant existence all over India from naked children sleeping by the roadside to the adults with no limbs or legs. The scene of a whole family sleeping out in the open with only a piece of rugged cloth as their bed is eminent. Covered with dust from top to toe, they are oblivious to the passersby and vehicles.

On the contrary, the rich lived in abundance. Houses as big as castles are not suprising sights as the gap between the rich and the poor is immense. I was thankful to be housed in a beautiful hotel called Ramada Powai, boasting itself as the first "Zero Trans-Fat" hotel in India. I have seen hotels like that in travel magazines but never in my mind imagine that I will one day be staying in one for free! What it means is the food and drinks served here has zero trans-fat to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. Nope, I do not see a lot of fat woman residing here but mostly businessman in their suits and ties.

It was indeed a pleasant and healthy experience with its menu comprising of the healthiest variety of fruit blends, an excellent gym facility with the latest gym equipments as well as a complimentary yoga session to refresh those early risers like me ;) I never know how it is to enjoy healthily till now.

I also squeezed a trip to to\wards the city and the south of India where I headed to the Gateway of India where the Queen of Elizabeth crossed when she first stepped into India. It looked almost like the Arc de Triumphe in Paris which is not a suprise since it was built years after the Paris arc. It was under construction when I arrived and was flanked by the omnipresent Taj Mahal Hotel which everyone claims to be one of the best hotel in India. I also visited Dhobi Ghaut, the laundry place for most Indians in Mumbai, Dome Palace, Haji Ali (the floating mosque) and the residence of Mahatma Gandhi.

I was flabbergasted after my trip in India hoping to return to see the Taj Mahal in Delhi one day. And yes, it is an experience one should not miss.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why Do People Cry?

I remember a few times when I cried from the bottom of my heart and when I mean bottom, it means down to the core.
1. When I finally got an incredible recognition from all the hard work I put into my work. After years of toiling in office after office hours and getting shit from others for not being quick enough to follow up, I can't believe how relieved the statement from my boss that "I Will Be Promoted earlier" made me feel.
2. When I felt the pain of someone I care about tremendously suffering in life while others are taking a good meal for granted. When I respected him for taking all these hardships in his stride with so much hope that things will be better one day. And I cried as I cared about him so much that I wanted the best for him, especially when he has done so much for me.
3. When I broke up with my first love whom I have totally and fully gave my heart to. I still remember that it was the night before my final exams in college and I had to concentrate to study while getting over the break-up. It was not easy having to wipe away my tears which was pouring profusely while trying to do the mathematical equations but I had to as I know I have a future to hold on to even tho he will not be in it. After that break-up, I don't think I have ever opened my heart to anyone anymore for a long long time.

But what I am pleased is I have also cried tears of joy due to having my heart touched by the actions of my loved one. And it is when he did all the little things that surprised me, amazing me with little wonders of how much he knew me without telling me and presenting them all in his actions. Little signs on my birthday present and the thought that he tolerated all my quirkiness all these years moved me even more. I am glad to have shed these tears of joy.

And all I am hoping for now is for the tears of joy when I see my little own flesh and blood one day.


The Woman Who Can't Be Moved

Have you ever fallen? Fallen so hard that you could never get up? One friend once told me that she can forget but can never forgive. As for me, it is easier for me to forgive than forget. I could forgive someone who took my love for granted or someone whom did not treat me as wekk as I hoped. But I could never forget the existence of the emotions. The problem is if you never forget, I could never move on. Every sight of the person stirs an emotion and strikes a chord. A thread of hope emanates from your core as long as the both of you are not happy with each other's partners yet. You always wonder if that could mean we could only be happy 'together'?

Every once in a while, a new song comes out at the right time when you could relate to it tremendously. And this would be just the right song. Beautiful one called 'The Man Who Can't Be Moved' from 'The Script'.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Malaysia's 'Sex and the City'

Following the sucess of 'Sex and the City', it is not suprising to have another version of the show in different countries. But to have Malaysia as one of the first country to come up with a series following the same theme suprised me. What suprised me even more is that the quality of the production is of a standard higher than my expectations. Being sketical of Malaysia TVproduction, I was amazed that even the castings of the characters were incredbly good with the girls actually Malaysian and are very fashionably stylish and elegantly beautiful. Thus, I was glad that NTV7 did not dissapoint.

The show is about 4 successful career women who have failed in their past relationships and now sees relationships in different lenses from one another. One uses men just as a way to get material gains and jumps from one relationship to another, as easy as changing clothes. Another is so intellectual and sucessful that she has always been waiting for a man more successful than her and who can challenge her intellectually. Another has goWne through a bad first love and has given up on love and thus puts up a big barrier in her heart. And the last character is naive and idealist, waiting for the perfect man and unfortunately found him in the form of her married manager. With smatterings of relationship anecdotes and love parables, one would not be mistaken to rewatch the show just to absord the love lessons being communicated by the casts throughout their conversations and banterings. It is funny yet touching at times. Even admirable of the production to create some lead men who are honourable enough and deserving of the ladies' love.

This is the first Malaysian Chinese tv show that has converted me into an enthusiastic follower, waiting for the show at 10pm every weeknights. There was a scene that touched me when the girls accompanied Ong Ai Leng when she broke up with her boyfriend whom she found out lied about his family background and wealth just to win her love. When she finally cried her heart out, the girls consoled her to no end only to relate to her current state of emotions. She would have been more depressed had it not been her friends by her side no matter how hard.

Last but not least, I noticed the same co-branding was incorporated into the series through sponsorship from products like TOTO slimming machine and Nintendo Wii in which presence of the products was emphasized in countless ways through direct use of the product in the TV show and was even scripted into the casts' conversations. Unlike 'Sex and the City' where the product placements were more subtly implied, the casts actually showed how the products were used from talking about how they love the slimming machine to creating their own Nintendo Mii characters on the Wii.

All in all, I am proud that Malaysia has a great Chinese TV series we are proud to call our own. And I will be hugging my pillow following the trials and tribulations of each pretty casts. Thanks NTV7. :)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Historical American Dream - Barrack Obama

5 November 2008 - Today will be marked as one of the greatest history of mankind. And I am proud to be alive to witness it. It is indeed a revolutionary celebration as we welcome Barrack Obama, the first African-American to step up onto the President podium of the United States, replacing President George Bush as the 44th President of the United States.

Speaking like a true blue American whose dream has just came true, Barrack Obama personify the return of the "American Dream", that anything is possible! Only in a country like United States that something like this can happen. I doubt it will ever happen to Malaysia that one day a Chinese or Indian will be elected as the Prime Minister of Malaysia. If that is to happen, hell might turn over!

Barrack Obama spoke with so much sincerity and optimism one could cry. It represented the rise of the middle class and that if he could do it, anyone can. He stepped up to the plate, fully aware of all the promises he made and challenges ahead, knowing that it will not be a bed of roses. Hence, he pledged help from everyone to help him achieve everything he said he will achieve and to know that "Anything is Possible". Chants of "Yes, we can!" were heard throughout his speech emphasizing that the impossible can indeed happen. And I am proud to be sitting here witnessing it in front of my eyes.

So, why would I vote for Barrack Obama if I had the chance to vote? He represented what everyone ordinary wants to be. To be extraordinary in the face of extreme challenges. Also, he made me feel that everyone can achieve their dream if they try hard enough. He gives people the feel-good factor (like a male version of Oprah) and that the power is in your hands. That you can dream and achieve your dreams again. So while I'm basking in the high (or hype) of my nominated President being elected, let's work together to bring meaning to war and hope that this great man will be able to make this "change". :)