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Monday, March 16, 2009

How will You Contribute to Earth Hour?

It happens on 28 March 2009. For one hour, 8.30pm - 9.30pm. How will you participate in the event called Earth Hour? It is supposed to be an event to raise awareness towards the impacts of climate change. It is supposed to tell the government to do something about the rising effects of global warming by reducing the use of energy.

I have been to countries like France that sees the sale of green cars that do not use petrol. The car is not sold in Malaysia yet as it will cost a bomb as it could either use solar or electricty which either one will increase your cost of consumption per km. What are we to do when we run out of fuel if we do not take action now? Live in the dark without tv and Internet? Go back to the dark ages where people hunt animals for food and procreate for entertainment? We should think about the effects before it gets too late. Before all of us survive on hunted deers and have no tv to enjoy or Internet to use (the horror of all horrors!), let us take a preventive measure.

So what can we do on that day dedicated to Earth? A few ideas below:
1. For those who use air-cond at home, stay away from your air-cond for at least a day. Hey, I am sure you can live a day without air-cond right, it might make your skin less dry by the way.
2. Do not switch on lights until after 9.30pm. Wouldn't it be nice to have a romantic candle-light dinner at least for a night?
3. Do not switch on the fan between 8.30pm - 9.30pm. Avoid exercising during this time also, cos you will be craving for a fan if you do.
4. Constraint yourself from watching tv and perhaps you will discover the new family gossip that you never had the time to find out while you were busy playing computer game or watching the latest Heroes on tv.
5. No emails and work on the Internet between 8.30pm - 9.30pm. For those who are desperate, there is always the Blackberry, ooopppss, even Blackberry is banned.

6. Have a picnic with your family or friends where you only use candles and mosquito coils to have a bit of lights. Eat non-messy food like chips and chocolates. Hehe, best time to plan things you never thought of doing.
7. Drink any beer or alcohol between 8.30pm - 9.30pm. You do not need lights as you do not need to know what you drink anyway! When the lights are turned on at 9.30pm, you will find your friends drunk and puke all over you. Tough luck but you will be drunk anyway!
8. Have a gathering with friends and pray for the Earth. After 9.30pm, watch 'An Inconvenient Truth' presented by Al Gore, very educational but wish he reduce the talking and have more celebrities show what they do to save the Earth. Often times, whatever celebrities like washing their own clothes instead of using washing machine will be condoned by the public.
9. For those lovey dovey couples, switch off the lights, download a copy of Karma Sutra and have some massive action without the lights under the bedcovers. Hehe, I'm sure you know what I mean. You never know you might discover so new positions you never had the time to explore.

In support of this day, so many countries are joining in this call for climate change. In Sydney, all the ferries in the harbour will sound their horns at precisely 8.30pm to herald the occasion while in Melbourne, a people-pedal-powered concert will be held at Federation Square. People in Lisbon will sit down to an evening of outdoor candle-lit dining as they watch the skyline go dark while in Oslo, members of the public will take up the challenge of pedal-powered light bulbs. In Malaysia, corporates like YTL has agreed to participate and some TV networks are stopping the airing of shows during that hour. So, no excuse of not catching your show.

So, there, while billions in the rest of the world turn off their lights in support of Earth Hour, do your part by doing the same and more. It is not only on that day and that hour but reducing consumption of electricity like turning off the lights whenever you do not need, eat from a plate instead of paper and plastic and turning off your PC and mobile whenever you do not need it, reducing the temperature of your air-con and refridgerator and sleeping earlier everyday and less time with the lights switched on will go a long way in saving Earth. So, join the pledge and join the Facebook group now.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

Funny how these four amazingly gorgeous ladies will get guys who are just not that much into them in the coming-soon movie 'He's Just Not That Into You'. I mean, which male with the sane mind will reject these gals and then prefer not to commit, hoping to find someone better? Scarlett Johanssen, harlow? Anyway, I am a believer that if a guy is really not that much into you, they will not do things they do not normally do for a girl. This is one of my litmus test before I start any relationship. If he is too lazy to pick up that phone to call, he is just not worth the trouble. And if he did call but cancels or postpones the appointment, yep, put on your red or yellow lights. If he does date you but sends you home early just to hang out and watch soccer with his guy pals without prior notice, yes, the guy can be dismissed to no second dates list.

So, yes, I am bracing to watch this movie with my gal pals just to see if the movie really gives 4 real life scenarios of how to avoid committing to guys who are just not that much into me. Even though I have been there and done that, it is fun to relive my childhood adventures all over again. As they all said, it is always better for the guy to love you just 1 - 2% more than you do.

Now, when I do produce another movie entitled 'She's Just Not That Into You', these will be the traits the female protagonists should look out for:

1. He Knows What He Wants - having someone who knows what he wants begets respect and allows you to discuss with him your goals individually and collectively. At least you both have a guideline of how you can help each other achieve your goals which makes an important part of life.

2. He is Positive and has a Sunny Outlook - this makes the relationship much easier in times when things are down as he will be able to make the best of it. A shared sense of humour is so crucial in a relationship.

3. He is open to change for you - Be with a guy that will change for the better of the relationship, not changing his whole self and values that he does not feel like himself anymore. He must have the capacity to transform and grow with you.

4. He Introduces You to His Friends - A relationship does not revolve around the couple only, thus by having him feeling proud of showing you off to his friends shows that he will be able to take you down the aisle and feel proud about it.

5. He is Responsible with Money - Very important to me as money is the biggest reasons of arguments and disagreements between couples. If he is willing to put aside a stash for family and for tough times, you found yourself a keeper(all of us need to have some sense of security), not someone who spends all his money drinking and gambling.

So, there, the movie review coming up next.


Thursday, March 05, 2009

My Weding Registration - The First Day

It's the first day to the rest of my life, and I have never been happier. It's funny how I spent so many years of my life determining if he is my Mr. Right only to be so sure on this day.

Just a few days ago, someone congratulated me and asked me this question: How did you know that he is the right one for you? I just knew. But it isn't a smooth journey. All the trials and tribulations strengthens our relationship and makes me realise that he is the one I can't live without. Everyone who knows our relationship knows that we have gone through everything from parents' disagreements to long distance relationship to third parti(es). Besides, it is not who is right for you, it is who makes it right for you.

The day of our registration was incredibly smooth with all our friends, families and relatives arriving punctually for the 9.30am solemnization in Thean Hou temple. I was ecstatic to see all my friends being so supportive and to have so many photographers snapping photos of us and the guests. The dashing groom in white shirt and bronze tie arrived with a charming bouquet of orange colored roses (one of my favorite colors which I did not tell him) and kneeled when handing the roses to me :) 28th February 2009 witnessed the gathering of 98 couples in total in this temple. The couples and relatives crowded the registration hall creating a collage of white dresses and black ties. After the registration that took our oath to be together through sickness and health, poverty and wealth, etc (which I could not understand as it was read in Mandarin, haha), we proceeded to the temple for a photography session. As I was walking out, I heard a raging bride shouting into the phone waiting for her groom. As she put down the phone, she said "He is not coming" and stormed off with her bridesmaids in tow, just lkie the scene out of 'Sex and the City'. I never expected real life to imitate reel life.

The day was memorable and fun and it was made so much more significant to have friends and relatives who initially could not make it turning up for the event anyway, like my brother from Australia and my sister from Hong Kong. Everyone descended for lunch and then his house for more entertainment. You can see the photos here.

Below is one of my favorite wedding photograph of Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle. It captured the essence of what a wedding is all about, the last part where both the couple are just too exhausted after the whole ceremony to care about anything in the world but themselves. A day well spent!

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