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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dedicated to that Extra-ordinary Someone

I'm just an ordinary girl. An ordinary girl who pours her emotion through words. Who probably unrealistically think she can change the world. Who sometimes due to uncontrollable forces of nature finds herself trapped and thus could only express herself through her words. Who could not sleep due to incessant thoughts in her mind and thus tires herself by writing.

It is nice to have someone to come out of nowhere to suddenly appreciate what matters to me. Someone who can tell who I am through my writing. Someone who sees more depth in me than what I potrayed on my blog. Someone who feels me through my unwritten words. Someone who makes me feel special just by reading me. Thanks for being that someone. Someone who is extraordinary to me since you know me despite never meeting before. :)


What Are You Doing to Save the World?

I saw this Korean movie called "A Man Who Was Superman" that talks about a man who thought that he is Superman because he hear things in his mind. As a result, he went around saving the world like he is a superhero, from helping ladies when they are robbed, pushing the world so that it does not get hit by asteroid and pushing wheelchairs of disabled people so that they can move faster. He kept referring to himself as the Korean Superman and said that he has something in his head that can only be destroyed by Kryptonite. One day, he saved a beautiful journalist from a speeding lorry and after finding out what this guy is doing, she wanted to use his story as a piece to go up in her journalism career.

As she went around stalking him and talking to the people around him, she found out the reason why he has a humming sound in his head. He had a growing tumour in his brain. She kept pushing him to do his surgery but he insisted that he has no time and need to do his duties. One day, when a lady was standing on the roof of a burning building screaming for help, without hesitation, he rushed into the burning building to save the lady. When he realised that there is no way out than to jump from the roof, he held on to the lady, telling her that he can fly because he is Superman. I love the ending of the movie that displayed how he actually flew and perfectly landed on the ground to save the lady, but in reality he didn't albeit he managed to save the lady but not himself. The world would remember a man who saved and touched the lives of so many lives despite not being a real Superman.

The past few months, I read news of so many disasters in the world from hurricanes to typhoons to earthquakes to floods to tsunamis and though it is hard, one has to acknowledge the fact that all these disasters might not be that natural anymore. The Earth is gravely ill and people are still doing what they do everyday to destroy the Earth. Call it ignorance but when you are mourning the death of the people in the disaster hit countries like United States, China, Taiwan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia and most recently Japan, you are still going about doing things which might create the next disaster in other countries! Donating money to those victims are noble but how sure are you that you are not contributing to the disasters which could have been prevented in the first place?

I make it a point to do as much as I can to help reduce or prevent this. And even though I am just one person on the planet Earth, I hope that whatever I do, will contribute a little to save the world. Imagine is a million more people does the same little things, the world might just stay alive a little longer. Just like a sick child, every sickness we hope to cure. If we can prevent it in the first place, all the better.

Below are some things I consciously tell myself to do to be as eco-friendly as possible. Hope you guys can try it out too:
1. Bring a grocery bag on whenever I can when I buy groceries. In Korea, customers are charged $0.50 everytime they use the plastic bags resulting in minimal consumption of plastic.
2. Reject the use of plastic bags when I can insert my purchases into my own handbag. The Body Shop makes it a practice to ask their customers if they need a bag with their purchases so that the purchaser is given a chance to 'think' about putting those items into their own bag.
3. Using as little electricity and Styrofoam as possible. It is not about spending less money on electricity but about reducing the consumption of items that might thin the ozone layer.
4. Do not dispose of boxes, papers, glasses and thin cans as rubbish but put them into recycle bins or better, pass them to old ladies who will collect these items and recycle them to collect some pocket money.
5. I do not consume meat that are about to be extinct on this planet especially shark fin as they are murdered so violently for their fin. Even though I know that the shark has been killed, I seriously think that if I as a person eat one less shark fin, and a million more people do the same, one day, shark fin soup will not need to be a compulsory on every wedding dinner since there will be no demand for it anymore.

I am sure there are lots more we can do to save the Earth. A little contribution goes a long way. Just like the man who calls himself Superman, he does so much even though he was alone, but he became a figure of inspiration.